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Dermalogica skin and body care has quickly become one of the most popular skin care treatments available – even popular among celebrities and models, men and women. 

Their skin care system is most well-known for its lack of oils and artificial colouring – providing a very gentle touch to the skin; consequently, this means that you are able to use Dermalogica regularly and without consequence to your skin!


True skin health comes from a customized product routine designed specifically for your skin. Dermalogica achieves this through face mapping, skin analysis and the subsequent prescription of your product routine delivered through our core system of products designed to keep your skin on track.

Some of the benefits of Dermalogica include the following:

Non-toxic ingredients

Dermalogica products only contain natural ingredients that are said to be very gentle to every skin type and safe to use regularly.

Product variety

Dermalogica products are available for both men and women and for all skin types. Whether one has oily or dry skin, there are Dermalogica products for every skin type.

Expert advice

The best thing about Dermalogica products is that they offer expert advice through a face mapping feature. This feature basically helps people determine their specific skin problems to get the appropriate Dermalogica product.


Here at Balance we offer the best Dermalogica treatments, from the groundbreaking face mapping to the convenient man facials, so what are you waiting for to reveal your best skin? You’re just a call away!


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