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The Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure has arrived at Balance Medispa! Get in touch to avail of our amazing introductory offer . . . this is the one treatment you will not be able to live without.

Margaret Dabbs is passionate about feet, a fully trained Podiatrist who set up a series of Foot Clinics starting in 1998, and pioneered the now renowned “Medical Pedicure“.

She created a range of foot products to fuse both the health and beauty of the feet after feeling let down by products that were either treatment remedies which were unpleasant to use, or beauty products for feet which were ineffective on a treatment level. Margaret set about sourcing raw ingredients from around the world, mixed these in her consulting rooms and created a range of foot products for use in her clinics. These were highly effective on a treatment level, and beautiful to use, so unlike anything else seen in the foot care market.

The Treatment is performed on dry skin while utilising sterilised tools and products . The nails and cuticles are worked on, followed by the application of the signature products, Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Serum with Emu oil to give your feet the optimum results from this renowned Medical Pedicure. The process continues with the feet been soaked and completed with a luxurious massage. Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure is carried out by our expertly trained Podiatrist.

The key super ingredient, around which the Margaret Dabbs products are based, is Australian organic Emu Oil. Renowned for its incredible healing properties, and aboriginal in origin, Emu Oil has been used medicinally for thousands of years.

The Margaret Dabbs London treatments have gained cult status and are located at prestigious locations and frequented by discerning clients from around the world. The medical pedicure has quickly gained cult status globally and she has developed treatment protocols which are expertly executed by selected stockists worldwide.

The Margaret Dabbs London pedicure incorporate Margaret’s techniques and training to perform treatment’s which have been adapted as industry standard and provide outstanding results.

The vision is to provide Luxurious, Innovative and Effective products and treatments to give you healthy, beautiful feet and nails. Not surprisingly Margaret has been credited with putting feet firmly into the global beauty arena by the beauty press and her products are retailed in some of the most prestigious locations worldwide.

‘We are super excited to make this incredible range available to our clients, fusing health with beauty, there is nothing quite like this range for specialised & professional hand & foot care”Pauline from Balance MediSpa

For further inquiries please contact 046 906 0333
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