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Facial thread veins is a term often used for the little red, or sometimes purple-blue, veins on the face. These are usually found around the nose but can spread up onto the cheeks.

Facial thread veins are usually bright red. Very occasionally, they can be blue or purple and can be enlarged or bulging. However, the vast majority of facial thread veins are bright red, very thin and, when you push on them with a finger, they blanch, filling almost immediately afterwards.

Although they are called ‘thread veins’, they are normally not veins at all. More usually they are dilated capillary networks from your arteries and not your veins (arteries take blood from the heart to the rest of the body and veins return blood to the heart). Because of this, the blood inside them is more oxygenated and therefore brighter red. The blood is often at a higher pressure, which is why they refill so quickly after pressure has been applied to them.

The Benefits

Gain a clear and smooth complexion, reduce the redness and visibility of the spider veins and permanently remove existing thread veins.

How it works

Laser facial thread vein removal involves intense light energy which is transferred to the pigment in the blood of the thread vein – the hemoglobin. This then heats the blood up very quickly which destroys the small thread vein walls, which then get inflamed and slowly shrivel away.

Laser is usually performed using a small pencil-like hand piece with an aiming beam showing where the laser energy is going to hit the skin. The laser energy is delivered in intense bursts and our laser experts at Balance Medispa follow the thread veins along with a series of treatment impulses. Once again, during the procedure eye protection is usually worn and quite often a cooling gel or cooling pads are applied straight after treatment.

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