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more info here The new ultimate treatment as a non-surgical miracle procedure, which encourages stimulation of collagen production. This means it decreases fine wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks and hyper pigmentation.

At Balance • Clinic • Spa • Beauty our skin care experts uses a device of very fine needles into the skin creating microscopic channels to stimulate collagen/elastin production with minimal damage to the skin. After

The Benefits

This is one of the most effective skin treatments that exist today, here are some of the benefits. Greater stimulation of collagen and elastine production. Up to 90% of penetration of active ingredients. Visible and faster skin rejuvenation effect. Safe and effective rejuvenation treatment. Promotes scar-less healing. Fast and comfortable. Precise with adjustable needle depth to effectively treat acne scars and hard to reach areas.

How it works

Tiny needles penetrate the skin at different levels depending on initial skin concerns or the depth of scarring. This micro injury causes new collagen and elastin to form and it helps with the breakdown of old collagen. This leads to smoother, more refined skin and a visible reduction of fine lines and acne scars due to the skin tightening and remodelling effects of the Micro-Needling treatment.

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