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Learn More From VenusConcepts – creators of the incredible Venus Freeze treatment – comes the Brazilian Bum Lift. If you dream of having a firm, toned bum that will turn heads on the beach this summer, this is just the thing you’ve been waiting for.

This non-invasive lift is ideal for bikini season. These quick and easy treatments are only twenty minutes in length (10 minutes for each side), and produce results that lift the bum, while also smoothing any lumps and bumps in the process.

Here’s how it works:
Sophisticated Octi-polar techynology is used, wherein radio frequencies are concentrated and focused on the crease of the bum, the upper thigh, and the outer bum cheek. The temperature is kep around 40 – 42 degrees, which – when combined with lifting and swooping movements – results in firming and lifting of the bum itself. In addition, increased production of collagen, and enhanced blood supply to the area result, which in turn reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Parameters for buttocks treatment:

• Area: Buttocks

• Time: 20 minute treatment

• OctiPolar Applicator

• 10 mins per cheek

• Range 50-90%; Standard 80%

• Reduce temperature 5% at a time until patient comfort baseline is achieved

• Area size: 8.5×11 inches. (21×29 cm)

You can find out more on this exciting treatment, by visiting www.venustreatments.com, and book your treatment with us today!

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