Rome wasn’t built in a day, and baby steps, and the hare and the tortoise – you know the story!  Listen, even your skin needs time – it takes approximately 28 days for a skin cycle to complete, so patient is the best thing that you can be!

At the moment, we have a chance to take good care of ourselves, and our skin. Our philosophy is all about caring for the skin from the Inside and Outside. So what can we do to make sure that our skin is as healthy as possible? With baby steps in mind, Pauline Lynch from Balance Clinic would be suggesting little changes that we can all make to ensure our skin is as healthy as possible – manageable, simple and extremely impactful tips.

Skin Care Tips In Your Teens

As a child, your skin frequently renews itself. However, as your teenage years begin, the frequency of renewal goes down. Generally, teenage skin is tougher and more resilient than that of children. However, within teenage years, the skin is still supple and can rejuvenate  quickly. The facial skin of teenagers reserves plenty of collagen (the most abundant protein in your body). But as you enter adulthood, the production of collagen decreases. This makes your skin prone to sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Other common conditions could be breakouts, sensitivity, acne etc.

Alumier MD Enzymatic Peel is the perfect peel to start your new skincare journey- it’s completely customised to your skin type and needs, as well as how many layers to apply of the treatment. The end result is not only a soft, luminous glow, but also the smoothing of any fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Dermalogica Active Clearing Skin Wash can help to clear skin and reduce visible skin ageing. It contains Menthol and Camphor which help cool the skin. Contains extracts of Balm Mint, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree as well. Skin is left clean and prepped for optimal absorption of Active Clearing treatment ingredients.

Skin Care Tips In Your 20s

Women have a lot going on in their 20s and establishing a good skincare regimen during this time is key. Many people in their twenties face numerous skin challenges like acne, scars, uneven skin tones, whiteheads, blackheads etc. While a good skin care regimen should address these issues, the early to mid-twenties is also the perfect time to begin focusing on preventing future aging symptoms, something I like to call “rejuvenation”. Skin Rejuvenation is the process of correcting the textural irregularities like wrinkles, freckles, sunspots, scars, cellulite etc. and emphsizes to improve the appearance of your skin with the best suited treatments for you. The goal of all of the skin rejuvenation is to reveal younger and smoother skin.

One of the most common examples of skin rejuvenation is skin resurfacing, a method that refers to any treatment or procedure that will physically remove the top layer of skin. The goal of resurfacing is to remove damage cells on the skin’s surface with different techniques, including lasers and light treatments. These different methods will vary in invasiveness with some requiring significant downtime to recover.

Clear start product kit from Dermalogica is an extremely effective brand which is created by the skin care experts and professionals to target breakouts & blackheads and help you to achieve  healthier & glowing skin. It is a clinically proven and technology driven formula which is designed to nurture your skin.

While acne is often thought to be a “teenage problem”, many people continue to have acne related issues in their 20’s. Individuals with light to moderate acne can control breakouts by using mild acne products with lower concentrations of active ingredients. Acne peel products, offered by Alumier MD are rated as of the best and most effective for skin care.

Skin Care Tips In Your 30s

Turning 30 is the time to put your skin care ‘best intentions’ into action. Although 30 is the new 21 (and 21 is the new 12), it’s still around this time that signs of stress (physical and environmental), and the sins of your 20s (late nights, cigarettes and alcohol) begin to manifest themselves. Falling face down on your bed in your make up won’t wash once you hit your fourth decade. The common skin conditions discovered in 30s are fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, rosacea open pores etc.

Alumier Md peels are the next generation of clinical exfoliation. With a variety of peels, each with a unique complex of ingredients, your therapist can customise your treatments to target your specific skin concerns and reveal more radiant, soft and luminous skin. AHA Renewal Serum by Alumier MD is a highly effective, lightweight serum that penetrates pores to reduce acne, allow skin to heal and prevent new pimples. Ultimate Boost Serum is a lightweight, hydrating serum that combines moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients to reduce the visible signs of aging.

Skin Care Tips In Your 40s

With age, our skin experiences a decrease in the production of collagen, natural oils and elastin, in turn, making it dry and look lifeless. The skincare mistakes one may have made at a younger age start becoming visible in the late 30s or early 40s. This is also when wrinkles, fine lines, thread veins, loose skin, jowling, double chin, age spots and hyperpigmentation start appearing on the skin. After 40, an ideal skincare regimen should include both corrective and preventive measures. This means that it should address the current concerns as well as prevent the skin from any further possible damage too. If possible, try to start taking skin care measure in your 20s or 30s as it helps to do the damage control which may occur in your 40s.

CACI booster non-surgical face lift is an ultimate Non-Surgical Facial treatment which emphasizes on all of your anti-ageing concerns. The CACI system uses microcurrent to tone, lift and re-educate the muscles back to their original position. Alumier Md Peel’s philosophy is to offer a selection of superficial to medium depth peels known for their excellent results and safety profile. Alumier  believes in repeated treatments for progressive & gradual results, and to avoid the side effects and downtime associated with deeper peels. Chemical peels should be performed by a trained skin care professional in a clinical setting so that they are delivered safely and effectively. Venus Legacy is the highly advanced non-invasive medical device that effectively resolves challenging face and body aesthetic needs, such as non-surgical circumferential reduction*, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and treatments for cellulite. Venus Freeze is a nonsurgical skin-tightening treatment that combines multi-polar radiofrequency energy and pulsed electro-magnetic fields to boost collagen and elastin. The treatment can be performed on the face, neck, and body to reduce wrinkles and firm sagging skin. Micro needling is another treatment which helps to stimulate the production of new collagen by needling the skin. To put forward in simple words, micro needling is the insertion of very fine short needles into the skin for rejuvenation. Micro needling may help with issues such as acne, large pores, stretch marks, scars, sun damage and fine wrinkles.

Skin Care Tips In Your 50s

Mind-set and perspectives aren’t the only factors of life that change as we grow older, our skin does too, and there are many reasons why. Unfortunately, our pasts may have caught up with us in terms of time spent in the sun, smoking, diet, or stress. Even past weight gain and loss can have an effect on our skin when we hit 50 and over. The older you get the slower your skin produces new cells, not to mention the hormonal changes and environmental factors you’ve been exposed to throughout your 30s and 40s. Due to overheated indoors and being less physically active, most women over 50 tend to have drier skin. In general, there is a greater need to use more hydrating and gentle skincare products. Fine lines, dark spots, loose skin jowls, eyes & cheeks, deep lines, wrinkles, dullness and unfortunately a loss of elasticity are all characteristics of skin over 50s.

Alumier MD Retinols microencapsulated 0.25% is a pure retinol treatment that improves skin tone & texture and corrects the signs of aging. Alumier MD Retinol Resurfacing Serum 0.50 is a pure potent retinol serum that dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and skin texture, while evening skin tone. Retinol Resurfacing Serum 1.0 is a Cutting-edge microencapsulated retinol that allows for gradual timed-release overnight. By encapsulating the retinol and adding soothing and hydrating ingredients like niacinamide, honey and sodium hyaluronate, maximal results can be achieved in comfort. Laser Skin Rejuvenation is carried out by directing a laser onto the affected area (Sun damaged, acne scars, stretch marks, spider veins) of skin. This creates a series of pinpoint micro incisions and is carried out using a fractional laser, which means that only a small portion of the damaged skin is treated at any one time, allowing for quicker healing and less irritation.

Skin Care Tips In Your 60s

Most women in general, but particularly over 60, are concerned about the onset of an “aging” appearance. These women want to have “younger-looking” skin to match the eternal youth-brand machine they are exposed to every day. But wouldn’t it be great if instead of talking about “younger looking skin,” we could focus on having “healthy skin” at any age? As we get older, our skin undergoes a number of changes. How skin ages will depend on several factors such as your lifestyle, diet, heredity, and other personal habits (such as smoking). The most common skin conditions amongst the women of this age group are discovered such as rough or dry skin, loose facial skin especially around eyes, cheeks and jawline, transparent or thinned skin, bruising easily from less elasticity etc.

Dermalogica Anti-Aging Treatment aims to plump, brighten and hydrate dull and tired skin, leaving you with firmer, smoother and healthier skin. This treatment includes an Eye Zone Treatment for extra attention to the delicate eye area and a Multivitamin Power Exfoliation to ensure a healthy glow to any dull appearance. Massage is another successful way deal with aging skin as it helps to relax your joints, reduce muscle tension, improve skin tone, enhance blood circulation and so on. Venus Legacy Face and Body Treatment is an advanced and effective way to achieve the skin tightening and reduction in wrinkles as well. These treatments are comfortable with no downtime and safe for all skin types too.


Having a beautifully glowing and wrinkle free skin is probably the dream of all of us irrespective of what age group we are in. At the same time we need to understand that at every stage of life, our skin has unique demands which we would need to take care of as life progresses. By taking simple precautionary measures and maintaining a blend of a good balanced lifestyle, each one of us can accomplish the fantasy to have blossoming skin for a longer period of time.

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